24 February 2010

The Homes of Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary was born on 8 December 1542 here at Linlithgow Palace in Linlithgow, Scotland to King James V of Scotland and his French wife, Mary of Guise

 On 9 September 1543 Mary was crowned Queen of Scots in the chapel at Stirling Castle

On September 10, 1547, also known as "Black Saturday", Mary was sent to safety by her mother to Inchmahome Priory after the Scots suffered a defeat at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

In February 1548, hearing that the English were on their way back, Mary of Guise moved Mary to Dumbarton Castle

With her marriage agreement in place, five-year-old Mary was sent to France in 1548 to spend the next thirteen years at the French court, mainly at Amboise

At Holyrood Palace on 29 July 1565, Mary married Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

Mary's bedroom in Holyrood where Mary's friend and advisor, David Rizzo, was murdered by her husband and his minions.

Mary was imprisoned here in Loch Leven Castle, situated on an island in the middle of Loch Leven.  It was here that she suffered a miscarriage of twins and was forced by the Scottish lords to abdicate the Scottish throne in favour of her one-year-old son James

In 1568 Mary landed at Workington in England and stayed at Workington Hall

Mary was imprisoned by Elizabeth's officers at Carlisle Castle and it was here that Mary had the phrase En ma Fin gît mon Commencement ("In my end is my beginning") embroidered on her cloth of estate

Mary was also imprisoned at Bolton Castle

And again here at Tutbury Castle

And here too at Sheffield Castle and Sheffield Manor in the custody of George Talbot his wife, Bess of Hardwick

A plaque commemorating the death of Mary was placed there in 1913 by a historical society.


Unknown said...

These are all such beautiful images - even the ones that are falling apart. But I was blown away by Amboise - I thought it looked French just by looking at it.

Lucy said...

So ...Magestic- of course! I betcha you could still feel her sprit in there. I'd love to visit! Have they kept it all intact?

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Thanks, I'm immersed in Margaret George's Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles, so I am very appreciative of these photos - thank you!!

Passages to the Past said...

Oh Julie - I LOVED that novel!!! It's one of the best books on Mary that I've read yet!

librarypat said...

Thank you for the lovely Tour. It is amazing that so many of these places are still intact. I have got to get over there for a visit.

Elizabeth said...

Anyone who is a fan of Dorothy Dunnett's 'Lymond Chronicles' will really appreciated these pictures, as well as Margaret George's story of Mary, for much of Dunnett's stories center around Mary of Scots when she was a young child.

I remember visiting Holyrood and visiting Mary's bedchamber and it was nice because my husband and I were the only ones in there with the tour guide and I could just imagine her and her women sitting by the roaring fire stitching and gossiping. It was really neat!

Love the pictures!

Toni said...

I have George's novel and plan to read it.. maybe sooner than later now. Outstanding photo's and tour. Thank you so much for presenting.

Becca said...

Wow, I had no idea she had lived so many places. I haven't read anything about Mary Queen of Scots.

Amy DeTrempe said...

Great pics. I love how you briefly outlined her history.

Carm9n said...

I am one of your new followers. I love your blog. This post with so extaordinary photos... great!!!
Have a nice day!!

Lizzie said...

What a cool post you know I love Mary.

tracy said...

I googled Homes of "Queen Mary of Scots" and your lovely blog poped.
I was hoping to see Chateau d'Anet, home of Diane de Poitiers. I was told young Mary spent alot of time there.
I see you have not blogged in a while yet you have so many fans...hope you blog agian,as some one said..."so many possibilities"

Abigail Rogers said...

I just posted on her prison, Loch Leven Castle, today: http://www.picturebritain.com/2011/07/loch-leven-castle-and-mary-queen-of.html


Anonymous said...

i am reading book mary queen of scots by antonia fraser, what a life she lead , a hard life in the end.